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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Feb 24th

Productivity update

I mentioned in the last post that weekly reviews were new and it would take some getting used to doing each and every week. I got a bit behind yesterday and did about half and today I finished. I decided that making sure I have enough time is key to being successful with weekly reviews. I made a list in my one note notebook that has the 43 folders, about everything that should be covered in weekly reviews. I have been able to keep up with inbox zero and really like the feeling of clean inbox and either immediately responding if it's short or spending some set time to take care of all email related items. I think weekly reviews will really help me stay on top of everything but making sure I have ample time and that they actually take place are key to ensuring success.

As far as the other items: hipster PDA and 43 folders. I am doing quite well. After 2 weeks I feel like I have to have my notecards with me at all times to jot down anything and everything as it comes to me. I set aside time at the end of each day when I review my items in the 43 folders to make sure all the notecards are in line with what else I am doing each day. I love being able to move items to another day when I get bogged down and not feel the weight of trying to remember everything I need to get done. I have found this particular aspect the most liberating of all the productivity items

Today I spent time cleaning out files on my Google Drive. I have two more major tasks with this: organizing each folder with sub folders and getting rid of stuff I don't need anymore and cleaning out the shared with me stuff. It is intimidating with how much is in there. I have decided to tackle a piece each week as part of my weekly review when I clean up digital items and scan my computer. One thing at a time. But I already feel so much more on top of things.

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