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Friday, February 16, 2018

Productivity changes

So this week I am begininng a few new productivity tasks. To begin with I cleaned my inbox for the three emails I use to zero. This took a while and made me consider what I really needed to keep and could be deleted. It was an exhiliarating exercise and I am glad I did it. It's been almost a week and I feel so much better about emails. I really like the thought that if it will take you less than 2 minutes than answer immediately. I am much more decisive with how I handle emails now.

Next item was 43 folders. This took me a bit to consider how to make this happen. I didn't really want to carry 43 folders around with me so I used One Note and created a folder for each month and a page for each day. Before I did this, I had a daily list that I would work on and for the most part it was ok, but somethings I would never get to and then list would get longer and longer.  I like being able to move items I am not going to get to this day to another day. I chose OneNote cause I want to get better at using it and I can access it on any device

I also created a hipster PDA. It is just 3 x 5 cards with a fastener. I like the idea of always being able to take notes and write things down as they pop in my head. I have added a gas mileage page and grocery list, I imagine a lot of ideas will come as I use this more.

Last thing I am going to do is the weekly review. I have done lots of different productivity methods, but this is definitely an area that I have not done well. I am good at setting goals and writing lists, but reviewing them on weekly basis and having a standard procdure are things I don't do as well. These are the items I am going to focus on each week:
Make sure all items on list are completed or moved forward 
Clean out emails 
Clean out temporary folder 
Update hipster PDA: add notes where they need to go, consider new items, get rid of full pages 
Clean off desktop  
File digitally and physically 
Run spyware/virus programs 
Need to figure out what to do about notes 
Blog about experience 
Review goals 

Week one was great, now onto week two, more peace and calm. 

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