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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Get rid of unwanted emails with

This morning I got into work and checked my email, a regular first of the day occurrence for many people, usually followed with some dread, not from their respective employers, but more for how many irrelevant and commercial filled emails fill their inboxes. There was nothing important, nothing pressing, nothing even worthwhile in the inbox. Instead I found a slew of unwanted emails. Many of which from companies I don't remember signing up to receive emails from. At the same time my co worker shouted out that his goal for the morning was to unsubscribe from all unwanted emails. I quickly decided to join him in this worthwhile quest. Another co worker told us about and both of us jumped at the chance to rid ourselves of unwanted messages in our inboxes.

I feel like I need to add that I have a filter set up and many of the emails sent to me are automatically added to the spam folder.

Quick rant: I really dislike companies that make it hard to unsubscribe. Why should I have to type my email in a box and give reasons for ending an endless barrage of unwanted emails? I shouldn't. And neither should anyone. We should be able to click unsubscribe and never be bothered again.

Thank you! All you have to do is enter your email address and then make a few decisions. After typing in my email I found that I had over 80 subscriptions (found out that was well short of everyone else in the office), many of which I never signed up for. (I know some of them sneak it in if you use their site and automatically add you to a list. With this service you can decide if you want to unsubscribe completely or get a daily digest that comes when you want, morning, afternoon, or evening. The digest has a screenshot of each email and short summary. I thought this was nice. I don't know if I want to never receive a Groupon again, but I am tired of at least one email a day. I imagine somedays I may just delete the digest email other days I may take a peek. Either way it's at my convenience.

One click to unsubscribe and no dumb reasons to sort through. I get that businesses may want feedback, but I imagine for most of us we just don't want to see their emails anymore. And that's the point of we don't have to continue to see emails we don't want to anymore. Spread the word and take control of your email.