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Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Tube Clean a Great Tool

Every once in a while you come across a little find that is a big deal, YouTube Clean is such a find. We all have watched YouTube videos only to have the comments or side videos ruin the experience. Few things are more annoying than the side videos and lame and inappropriate comments. The nice thing about YouTube Clean is all you have to do is type clean directly after the word YouTube in the URL for this to work. For example one of my favorite Improv Everywhere YouTube videos is Dollar Store Black Friday the URL is as follows:

(Note: this is not the embed code, it's the actual URL.) To convert this to YouTube Clean all you have to do is add clean after youtube and before the .com It will look like this

That's all you have to do. No annoying comments or side videos. Just the video itself.

At times I will have a URL on my website calendar to have students watch for homework and I always worry about it having inappropriate comments and side videos. This is a nice way to not worry about that.

If you are showing to a group now you don't have to worry about comments being profane or the side videos being objectionable.

Give it a try it's easy.

It won't filter the video itself though, so don't think if has profanity or suggestive scenes it will be taken out, it won't. It only removes the side videos and comments.

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