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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Create your own video creations using Zaption

Zaption is a great way to take a video, including from YouTube, Vimeo, and private collection and use it for your class. You can trim the videos, add images/text, drawings, and questions. You can view an example I created below.

Here is what I like:

Very intuitive and easy to use. I made the Overpopulation tour in about 15 minutes. That includes adding all the images and questions.

Really like that you can have questions right in the video. You can set it up like a quiz with correct answers or have them respond with text and explain their answers.

Great way to guide students through media by extending their thinking and getting them to think critically about the material.

Would work very nicely in a flipped or blended class. But even if in a regular class it is a nice formative assessment.

Easy to share or embed

Analytics afterwards give a nice overview of how viewers are participating.

Like that you can have multiple choice with a 'correct' answer or just get students to think and write up responses.

Pro version allows you to add multiple videos.

I wish you had the ability to narrate parts, but I guess you could just add your own video like a movenote in which you could do just that.

Great product that will be very useful to teachers.

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